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Darren Hayes - from Savage Garden "I Miss You", "Strange Relationship" Singles

Darren Hayes I Miss You Pop Song

Darren Hayes Savage Garden Strange Relationship

In the early 2000's I was a programmer and engineer for Walter Afanasieff. He is an incredibly talented Songwriter/Producer. He's famous for Writing and Producing for Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Mariah, including her amazing Christmas Record. While I was working there I met Darren Hayes, the lead singer from Savage Garden. I had put together some instrumental tracks in my tiny apartment studio with Logic and my Akai MPC 2000. One day I played the instrumentals for Darren, and he took a copy and said he wanted to write to them.

Anyway, he played me what he wrote to the tracks, and I was blown away! What an honor for me to have co-written with such an amazing artist. Anyway two of the songs went on to be big hits, "Strange Relationship" and "I Miss You".

That was an important moment for me, the first time I started to take myself seriously as a songwriter. I'm so glad I took a chance playing my tracks for Darren. When opportunity present the selves, don't be afraid to take a shot to get your music out there.


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